8 Tips for a Smooth Upgrade to Adobe Experience Manager 6.5

1. List down the AEM Upgrade Scope and Requirements

  • Operating System
  • Java Runtime: JRE 11 is supported by AEM 6.5. JRE 1.8 is the only version currently supported by Oracle till AEM 6.4.
  • Hardware
  • Content Repository (CRX or Oak): As we know from AEM 6.1, CRX2 is not supported. So, this is a high impact activity. This must be analyzed carefully.
  • AEM Component / Content
  • AEM Services
  • Custom Application Services
  • Customer Application Content
  • Dispatcher
  • Advance Caching strategy

2. Find out the AEM Upgrade Complexity with Pattern Detector

  • OSGi bundles exports and imports mismatch
  • Sling resource types and supertypes (with search-path content overlays) over usages
  • Definition of Oak indices (Compatibility)
  • VLT packages (overuse)
  • rep: User nodes compatibility (in context of OAuth configuration)

3. Assessing the AEM Upgrade Complexity due to Deprecation

4. Backward Compatibility in AEM 6.5

5. Pre-Upgrade Maintenance Tasks

  • Full Backup of AEM
  • Back up changes to /etc
  • Generate the quickstart.properties file
  • Configure workflow and Audit Log Purging
  • Disable custom login modules
  • Disable custom schedule jobs
  • Rotate Log files
  • Upgrade the Database Schema if needed
  • Execute Offline Revision Cleanup
  • Stop any Cold Standby Instances
  • Remove Updates from the /install directory
  • Execute Datastore Garbage Collection
  • Install, configure, and Run the Pre-Upgrade Task

6. Create a Test Plan and strategy

7. Rollback strategy

  • Information about full backup of AEM and all its components, properties etc
  • Technical Instruction
  • Communication instruction
  • Contact Details of all stakeholders

8. Post AEM upgrade Checks

  • Verify OSGi Bundle
  • Verify Oak Version
  • Inspect the PreUpgradeBackup folder
  • Validation of all the pages
  • Apply AEM services pack
  • Enable Replication agents
  • Enable Custom Scheduled Jobs
  • Execute Test Plan




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