How Leading Retailers are Leveraging AI to Engage Customers Better

  • Instant Information. In the first place, a chatbot will not make you wait for any information you might want. They are very responsive and get right to the point with the most accurate information available. There is no chance for human error in mis-reporting numbers or the status of an item.
  • Chatbot Never Sleeps. In the second place, chatbots are available at all times of the day or night. This means that if you have some questions about a piece of clothing sold on a Japanese clothing website, you do not need to wait hours to get an answer. The chatbot will always be available to you no matter where in the world you might be. From a retailer’s perspective, that’s an exceptional saving compared to paying for a customer service team around the clock.
  • Chatbots Forge Relationships. The consistency of a chatbot means it does very well at forging meaningful relationships with customers. What is a key feature of a meaningful relationship? Reliability is something the AI chatbot has in spades!
  • Chatbots Collect Great Data. Human customer service agents benefit greatly from the chatbots’ ability to collect huge amounts of data on every customer interaction. These actionable insights help the customer service team personalize the shopping experience for each customer. They also inform personalized marketing campaigns whether it is for lead generation or for keeping up with regular customers.

Some AI Driven features

Amazon’s Echo Look



The Future of AI in eCommerce

  • No More Search Glitches. All three chatbots mentioned above are great examples of how searching will become easier and more accurate. Searching for items online today means juggling a set of keywords and putting them in the right order to get optimal search results. It is a time-consuming and frustrating procedure, which leaves potential customers disinterested. AI bots will help with this. As chat bots become more integrated with natural language processing, they will be able to interpret the implicit assumptions and meanings inherent in the human language. It should go a long way in dealing with this hole in the e-commerce chain.
  • A Personal Shopping Assistant. Personal assistant bots are bound to emerge on the market in the next five years. These bots will be so familiar with their owners’ spending habits and desires that they may even be able to shop for their owners without direct oversight. The owner could say: “find me the best white blouse on the internet, in my size, and under $100”; and that’s all the info a personal assistant bot will need to make the purchase!

The Way Forward



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